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Mombacho Hike Tour Nicaragua


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Mombacho Volcano


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This immersive experience combines adventure and natural beauty, promising unforgettable views of Nicaragua's landscapes.

Mombacho Volcano Tour in Nicaragua

Experience the Cloud Forest Guided Tour

Are you ready for an adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your travel memories? Join us as we embark on an extraordinary journey from the heart of Granada to the foothills of the majestic Mombacho volcano, Miravalle. Our Mombacho Volcano Hike Tour promises a thrilling blend of nature, culture, and breathtaking panoramas that will awaken your inner explorer.

Our excursion begins with an exhilarating transition to a rugged 4×4 vehicle, specially designed to conquer the winding road that ascends to the Mombacho volcano’s highest point. As we ascend, the landscape changes, revealing the lush green beauty of the surrounding coffee plantations in the buffer zone. At 1,150 meters above sea level, a world of wonder awaits you.

Upon arrival at the visitor center, our experienced guide will provide you with an insightful orientation, setting the stage for the adventure that lies ahead. The volcano’s mysteries and the rich ecological diversity that it holds will be unveiled as you journey through its stunning landscapes.

Our captivating walk around the massif’s main structures will lead you into a realm of open forest, where every step brings you closer to some of the most breathtaking vistas Nicaragua has to offer. Gaze upon the crystalline beauty of the Crateric Apoyo lagoon, the colonial gem that is Granada, the charming Isletas sprinkled across the vast expanse of Lake Cocibolca, and the lush natural beauty that defines this region.

This immersive experience isn’t just a hike; it’s a deep dive into the heart and soul of Nicaragua’s landscapes. The Mombacho Volcano Hike Tour is designed for adventurers and nature lovers, offering not only remarkable views but also a profound connection with the country’s natural beauty.

So, why wait? Join us for a journey to the heights and uncover the secrets of Mombacho Volcano. Let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

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Minimun 2 People

Price por 2 People $102 per person

Price por 3 People $87 per person

Price por 4 People $80 per person

  • Entrance fee
  •  Fresh fruits
  •  Mineral bottled water
  •  Equipment
  •  Experienced bilingual guide
  •  Transportation from the hotel with A/C & Wifi on vans
  •  Boat Transportation
  •  Camera
  •  Binoculars
  •  Tennis shoes
  •  Insect repellent
  •  Comfortable clothing
  •  Rain coat


Any cancellation or modification of the reservation made less than 24 hours before departure will incur a penalty of 100%
The customer shall it be at the agreed time and place, we’ll wait a maximum of 5 minutes. In case of No Show, the reservation will be charged to 100%

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Mombacho Volcano Tour Nicaragua