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Experience the best of Nicaragua’s culture and nature with Ecoterra Nicaragua, the tour company with over 20 years of tourism expertise. Our personalized packages, led by local Nicaraguan guides, offer an authentic and enriching travel experience. Immerse yourself in the country’s stunning scenery and vibrant culture, from exploring colonial cities to hiking through lush rainforests. Our experienced team is committed to making your visit unforgettable, with added value and personalized services. Discover the wonders of Nicaragua with Ecoterra Nicaragua today!


Are you ready to explore the natural and cultural wonders of Costa Rica and Nicaragua? With over 12 years of experience in the region, from the lush landscapes of Arenal, Costa Rica to the colonial charm of Granada, Nicaragua, we are your go-to source

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Nicaragua is a fascinating country. Here are some things you should know before you go..

  • There are volcanoes everywhere. From the active volcano at Masaya to the crater lake at Apoyo, there are lots of opportunities for visitors to appreciate these natural wonders.
  • It’s an affordable destination. Central America is known as agenerally affordable place to spend time, and Nicaragua is the cheapest country in the region.
  • The Caribbean coast is an isolated paradise. You’ll find an unspoilt paradise waiting to be discovered. With interesting history and amazing nature, it’s worth the light from Managua.
  • Security is generally not a problem. There are frequent travel warnings, Nicaragua is relatively safe. Crime rates are lower, and if you take normal precautions, you will be fine.
  • It’s great for surfing in the Pacific coast. There are top spots all down the coast, and several great ones near the party town of San Juan del Sur.

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